How To Handle Waste Properly With A Bin Rental


Many of us are mindful about our waste disposal—we know how damaging landfills can be to our environment and the communities that surround them. When you have large amounts of garbage to dispose of, you should consider a bin rental so you can have it all hauled away efficiently. 

There are many ways you can reduce your waste. One is to recycle. The goal of this practice is to reduce the extraction of resources and the production of new items; instead, we aim to get more use out of existing ones. When we recycle, used materials aren’t sent to a landfill to waste away. For organic materials, consider composting. Food waste and plant materials that degrade naturally can be used for fertilizer. 

After you schedule a bin rental, your next question might be: what can I put in it? In this post, we’ll go over what you can and cannot put in a rented dumpster bin to help you organize your waste:


What You Can Put In A Dumpster

  • Organic waste. Your everyday trash will be just fine in a dumpster, from last week’s leftovers to your coffee grounds. 
  • Recycling. While it’s always an option to put recycling in the blue bins, you can also add them to your bin rental. Cleanup companies, like Mr. Garbage, will sort the waste for you and separate anything that can be reused/recycled rather than put it in a landfill. 
  • Renovation materials. When you’re remodelling your home, you end up with a lot of junk on your hands. If you’ve got an excess of construction materials, a bin rental is the perfect way to manage them. Drywall, shingles, carpet, and insulation—all these items can be carried away in a dumpster. 


What Not to Put In The Dumpster

Not all waste materials can be disposed of in the same place as paper, plastic, and other common items. If the below items are placed in a bin with recyclable materials, the recyclables become contaminated. 

  • Oil and gas. These materials pose a significant fire hazard due to their flammability. Propane tanks and other similar materials belong in a designated facility, not a dumpster. 
  • Toxic waste. When you’re disposing of light bulbs, cleaning products, paint, and other chemicals, you need to separate it from your other waste. If hazardous materials are put in a landfill, they can harm the health and safety of workers, animals, and the environment. 
  • Batteries. Battery acid can leak out, which results in the pollution of water and soil. Other materials that pose this risk include all electronics and generators. To find out where you can dispose of batteries in Winnipeg, refer to this list of locations that accept drop-offs. 


Whether you’re renovating your home, working at a construction site, or just doing some seasonal cleaning, a bin rental can help you manage your waste. Separating it properly will ensure that you keep the environment free from toxins and pollution. 

At Mr. Garbage, we offer bin rental services. To avoid contributing to landfills, we recycle as much material as possible and reuse what we can. It’s part of our commitment to environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We offer bin rentals at reasonable rates; contact us to learn more.

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