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So Many Sizes: How To Choose The Right Garbage Bin Rental

You’ve just finished your latest renovation, spring cleaning, and/or landscaping project. Before you can step back and admire your work, you need to find a way to get rid of all the junk that’s left behind.

For that, you’ll need to rent a garbage bin. But if you choose one that’s too small, you’ll find yourself with leftover junk. Select one that’s too big and you might feel like you spent too much money on space that you didn’t use! 

We want to help you find the “Goldilocks” of garbage bin rentals. Here are a few questions you can ask to determine what size you need:


What Kind Of Work Are You Doing?

After a home renovation, you’ll have more than a freshly remodeled room to admire—you’ll also have piles of old drywall, flooring, and/or other construction debris.

It’s hard to know how much waste material your project will generate. Try to account for unforeseen garbage. A little extra room in your bin will alleviate any stress of coming up short.


What’s Your Budget?

Naturally, the bigger the garbage bin, the higher the rental price will be. If you’ve got a tight budget, be sure to shop around for bins that you can comfortably afford.

That being said, try not to let the price be the only deciding factor. You don’t want to make more work for yourself—if you run out of space in your bin, you might need to rent a second one! 


How Long Do You Need It?

The length of time that you need the bin will factor into the final cost. 

It might be less economical to rent a smaller bin if that means you’ll be using it longer. Or, by paying for a larger size, you might avoid paying fees for additional rental time. Do the math.


Do You Have Enough Space For The Bin?

Perhaps pricing isn’t an issue for you—you’re ready to get the biggest bin possible so that none of your junk is left behind.

However, there’s one important factor to consider before you make that choice: where do you plan to store your bin? The last thing you want is to rent a bin that you can’t fit on your property! Make sure you’ve got enough space for the size that you choose.


Do You Plan To Recycle?

Most of us don’t spend time thinking about our garbage. But waste doesn’t disappear when it leaves our homes. 

Even though Canada has a reputation for being environmentally friendly, its citizens produce more garbage per capita than any other country in the world. If we want to lose this unwelcome title, we need to start by reducing our landfill contributions. When you’re dealing with a large volume of junk, you want to make sure to recycle as much of it as possible. 

Not all bin rental companies share the same environmentally friendly policies. While some will sort through your bin to recycle any materials they can, others will not. Be sure to check the website of the business you choose and read their recycling policy.


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