How Is Interior Demolition Performed On A Building?

Sometimes, you need to clear out the old to make way for the new. During a renovation or remodel, there are times when interior demolition is necessary. When people hear the word “demolition”, they often imagine a wrecking ball taking down an entire building. But this isn’t always the case. Interior demolition involves removing components from inside a building, rather than tearing down the whole structure; these can include floors, walls, and ceilings. It’s a delicate job to perform as a crew needs to tear out these elements while leaving the structural integrity of the building intact. Here are a few things that go into an interior demolition project:


Prep Work & Planning

This type of work should be only done by an experienced professional—there are disastrous consequences when amateurs try their hand at it. For example, some projects will require supporting or load-bearing walls to be dismantled. When interior walls are removed, it’s important to have assessed the structure of the building itself. Supporting walls need to be removed carefully so as to not cause sagging or collapse elsewhere in the building.  

Another important consideration for your demolition crew is whether asbestos or mould is present in the building. In this case, preparations must be made to keep building occupants safe from the health hazards of these materials. During days when mould or asbestos will be disturbed, plan to have the building vacant so that no one will breathe in these materials. If that’s not feasible, make sure to provide people with the proper PPE (personal protective equipment). 



Roll your sleeves up and put your safety goggles on—it’s time for the work to begin! Things are going to look a lot worse before they get better when it comes to interior demolition. During this stage, the inside of your building is literally ripped apart, and utilities, like running water and gas, are typically shut off, especially when appliances or fixtures are being removed.

It’s during this phase where your building will look the worst; close your eyes until the demolition is complete if you need to! This is all part of the renovation process. A professional demolition crew will find the best ways to reduce noise and dust if the building is occupied during the project. This will protect the health of others as the work gets done, and will minimize disruptions. 


Clean Up

Another advantage to hiring a professional demolition crew is that they’ll take care of hauling the waste materials away. You can forget about this arduous part of the task and begin your next step, whether that’s laying new floors or building new walls. 

Once demolition is complete, it’s handy to have a dumpster rental for all your waste materials. This allows you to haul away rubble and plaster in one easy trip. The sooner your interior demolition project is cleaned up, the sooner you can start making your space beautiful again.

When you hire a demolition and junk removal specialist, like Mr. Garbage, your waste materials will be carefully sorted to separate landfill items from recycling. This process reduces your carbon footprint and ensures the sustainability of resources. Mr. Garbage offers demolition in Winnipeg. We take a careful and strategic approach to interior demolition. With Mr. Garbage, your project will be in good hands.

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