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Winnipeg is home to many historic buildings that have stood the test of time. There’s the iconic Manitoba Legislative Building, topped by the shining Golden Boy statue. There’s the one of a kind church – Saint Boniface Cathedral, which features architecture unlike any other building in the city. And we can’t overlook the Fort Garry Hotel, whom some say is haunted? But not all structures can stand tall forever. Sometimes, they need to be demolished due to safety and structural concerns. If you’re looking for Winnipeg demolition services, call Mr. Garbage – we’re the demolition experts.

There are a few reasons why a building may need to be torn down. Construction errors can lead to structural compromises. What happens when a historic building is no longer structurally sound? In some circumstances, a demolition process is required. This was the case with the Scott Memorial Orange Hall, a 118-year old building that was demolished due to fears that it may collapse. Once it was deemed to be an imminent risk, demolition services were recruited. Demolition is the only solution whenever a building is found to be structurally unsafe – left standing, it can endanger the lives of many. In 2003, Winnipeg’s iconic, downtown Eaton’s store was torn down to make way for the sports arena that all Winnipeggers know and love: Bell MTS Place. Sometimes, demolition is needed when property owners want to create a new building, beginning from a fresh slate. Rather than follow the structure of the old building, they’d rather start over and have the former home or store demolished.
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Residential and Commercial Demolition

We have years of experience in the demolition industry, which is why we’re prepared to handle both small residential projects and large commercial jobs, like the ones mentioned above. If you need Winnipeg demolition, don’t hesitate to call Mr. Garbage; we have the tools for demolition projects of any scale. Are you looking to revitalize a few key features in your home? As they say, you have to get rid of the old to make way for the new. Let us help you with your renovation project by demolishing any structures or features standing in your way. From older tile flooring to unnecessary interior walls, we’ve got the tools to take care of any issues. We’re also available to tackle large commercial jobs such as concrete breaking. Mr. Garbage has access to the heavy-duty equipment that’s required for tearing down office buildings or industrial facilities. Sometimes, you just want to build from the beginning – we can bring down that old garage so that you can start over from the ground floor. 

An important distinction in the demolition industry is the difference between whole building demolition and interior hand demolition. If you picture demolition projects in your mind, you probably see wrecking balls smashing into concrete buildings and shattering them completely – that’s whole building demolition. It involves the complete destruction of a standing structure. But smaller-scale projects, known as interior hand demolition, use much less drastic means. They remove some aspects of the space while leaving the structure of the building intact. Instead of large machines, these jobs are accomplished with hand tools like hammers and chisels. It’s a way to change certain aspects of the building while leaving the structure standing. Interior hand demolition is useful for renovating a space or restructuring an interior. But when you want to remove a building due to safety concerns, or so that nothing stands in your way, whole building, demolition services are required. 

It may be important to cleanup after demolition so we also provide residential cleanup and commercial cleanup services.

Winnipeg Demolition Asbestos Training

During a demolition project, there’s one risk that goes beyond structural concerns: asbestos.

Asbestos is a mineral that was mined and utilized up until its devastating health effects were discovered. Before 1990, it was commonly used in insulation, cement, and roofing materials due to its fire-resistant properties.

When asbestos fibers become airborne, they can be inhaled and cause damage. Exposure to this material has been linked to cancer and a lung disease called asbestosis

When left undisturbed, asbestos will not cause health problems. However, in renovation or demolition projects, there is a high chance that the material will become airborne due to abrasion, and cause lung scarring. 

It can be difficult to detect asbestos fibers since they have no distinct smell. At Mr. Garbage, all of our staff have been trained in asbestos awareness. This allows us to spot these harmful fibers in any demolition project and respond accordingly.

We put the safety of our clients and our staff first. When you hire Mr. Garbage for a demolition project, you can trust that we will take every precaution when handling asbestos.

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When do you need interior hand demolition?

Most commonly, this process is done on utilities, flooring, ceilings, and interior walls. In some cases, an exterior wall may need to be replaced. This is accomplished using care and attention to detail so as to not threaten the structure of the home. To make space for upgrades, old utilities and appliances are demolished and cleared away. It’s satisfying to rip out those antiquated cabinets and replace them with sleek, modern ones. If a homeowner wants to replace the flooring in their house or get rid of a popcorn ceiling, then interior hand demolition services are exactly what they need. At times, you may need a demolition in a building where work sites are ongoing. We’re careful to minimize noise and dust so as to not disturb others. Want to foster an open concept in your home? We’ll take down some of the walls standing in your way. Interior hand demolition services are perfect for eager renovators. We’ll get rid of the old fixtures and floorboards so that you can set up your dream vision on your property.


At Mr. Garbage – Winnipeg garbage bin rentals, we take safety very seriously; for jobs like these, it’s of the utmost importance. Precautions must be taken into account before the start of a demolition process. We approach each job with in-depth planning and preparation, taking the time to examine each detail before we begin. We assess each potential hazard and prepare for how to deal with it. Some concerns arise once the demolition begins, like exposure to asbestos or lead. We make sure to arrive at each job prepared to deal with all types of safety issues on-site. This includes bringing protective gear like respiratory and hearing protection. PPE is always worn to protect the head, hands, eyes, feet, and face. In some cases, land clearing must be done to ensure that there are no hazards in the surrounding area. When a demolition project is scheduled in a busy area, we make sure to put up the appropriate signage to notify people of the upcoming work. Finally, our workers always have access to emergency services and first aid. With jobs like these, a lot can go wrong if safety measures aren’t followed. The protocols and procedures necessary for safe work are crucial when it comes to demolition services; that’s why you need to call the demolition experts when it’s time to clear the way. 


Demolition stirs up a lot of dust, debris, and hazardous materials. When some walls get removed, that may weaken an entire structure, and people could be hurt if this task is done improperly. No matter the scale of your demolition projects, you need to hire a business that’s prepared to handle all of these challenges. Do you need a demolition company that has the experience to take on your job? Look no further than Mr. Garbage. We offer thorough demolition services that will leave your space clear and junk-free. Whether it’s a small-scale job or the complete removal of a commercial building, we’re ready to tackle any task – after all, we’re the demolition experts. When you need safe Winnipeg demolition, call Mr. Garbage; we’ll be happy to work with you to develop a plan that perfectly suits your needs. 

Lastly, you may find you need junk removal before the demolition — we also offer that service.

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