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Let Us Handle Your Demolition in Winnipeg

In addition to handling garbage for commercial and residential clients, the team at Mr. Garbage performs demolition in Winnipeg. Our demolition services revolve around interior demolition using hand-operated tools to tear down smaller structures indoors. We also work with heavy-duty equipment to perform concrete breaking and other large-scale demolitions for commercial properties and developments.

Whether you need large-scale demolition at your job site or you’re interested in small-scale demolition inside your office, you can rely on Mr. Garbage. Our team has been properly trained in the proper techniques and safety measures for demolition jobs of all types and sizes. Interior Hand Demolition in Winnipeg When most people think of demolition, they picture an entire building being brought to the ground in a cloud of dust. While this is one type of demolition, it’s not the only kind. Interior hand demolition is the process of demolishing spaces without harming the structure itself, using hand-operated tools such as chisels and hammers. This is generally used when a smaller space is to be completely renovated or upgraded without creating a new building entirely.

Our team most often demolishes indoor structures such as:
  • Interior walls
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Utilities

Interior demolition may also involve selective structural demolition, such as removing a portion of an exterior wall; our knowledgeable and experienced staff can handle the obstacles and challenges presented by your project.

Large-Scale Exterior Demolition 

Our large-scale demolition services are most often used in industrial and commercial applications. We have experience using heavy-duty equipment to dismantle commercial and industrial properties such as office buildings and manufacturing facilities. We also perform home demolition for times when you start from the ground up. If you need a garage demolition , please contact us.

Why You Need a Pro All forms of demolition require in-depth planning and preparation. In order to ensure safe demolition that disturbs as little of the surrounding areas as possible, it’s very important that you hire a professional for your demolition in Winnipeg. While you may think you can handle a small, hand-operated tool to perform DIY interior demolition, this is not a job that should be handled lightly. A professional team can minimize levels of dust, noise and building vibration so that if the areas around your worksite are still occupied, there will be limited disruption to their daily lives. Demolition also requires various safety measures to ensure no one is harmed. As professionals, our team knows the ins and outs of safety guidelines and always adheres to them. As such, we always evaluate the site prior to starting a job, looking for any hazards that could harm our team or those in the surrounding areas. This includes asbestos, glass and other materials. At the worksite, we put up all necessary barricades and signage to ensure those in the area are aware of what’s going on, and we take all precautions necessary to ensure our team and residents of the local community are safe. Contact Us for Demolition Services If you need demolition in Winnipeg, you need a team that provide safe services with little disruption to the surrounding areas. The team at Mr. Garbage offers interior hand demolition and large-scale exterior demolition to meet your demolition needs. Call us today so we can discuss your ideas and get started developing a plan.

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