Why You Need To Rent A Dumpster For Construction Debris


When you begin a new construction project, you’re in it for the long haul. Between all the planning, building, and management, you’ve got your hands full. Something you may not have considered is: what are you going to do with all that debris?

Waste management doesn’t need to cause a headache. When you rent a dumpster in Winnipeg, you can forget about piles of construction debris. It’s easy to dispose of it in a spacious dumpster, which will be delivered and picked up by your junk removal company.

Here’s why you need a bin rental for your next renovation project:


It’s safer.

As cumbersome as construction debris is, it’s also pretty dangerous. Rusty nails, sharp metals, and jagged pieces of concrete can injure anyone who trips and falls on your property. 

Proactive waste management can prevent accidents from happening, either to your construction workers, employees, and/or family. 


It looks tidier.

It’s no secret that renovations create an ugly mess. Even though your commercial building or residential home will eventually look beautiful, the process can be quite unsightly. By taking care of garbage before it piles up, you’ll show onlookers that you’re an attentive property manager.


It makes cleanup quicker.

Leaving all the cleanup to the last day of construction means an entire day of tidying, sorting, and hauling away junk. But if you rent a dumpster and keep it on-site throughout the process, you can chip away at this task each day. Loading a dumpster can be a messy business. Keeping bins in good condition saves you the time and effort of washing them. Try using a dumpster liner to contain any spills or leaks.

Whenever your rental bin fills up, give your junk removal company a call. They’ll pick it up, empty it, and redeliver it once it’s ready to use again.


You can fit everything at once.

Those black bins in your back lane won’t cut it when it comes to piles of construction debris. Waiting each week for the city to remove the garbage from your small bin, only to fill it up again immediately, is downright annoying.

You need a heavy-duty dumpster to hold all your waste material and haul it away in one easy trip. At Mr. Garbage, we offer bins in sizes that range from 15-40 yards – a big range of dimensions. Browse our website, and you’re sure to find the perfect bin for your construction project.


It’s environmentally friendly.

When you’re in the middle of a construction project, you’re pretty strapped for time. You don’t have extra hours to spend sorting through your construction debris, separating what’s garbage from what can be recycled.

But at Mr. Garbage, we do! When you rent a bin with us, we’ll go through it and deliver any recyclable materials to the right facilities. A bin rental is an eco-conscious choice that prevents excess contributions to landfills. 


Managing junk is easier than ever.

Need to rent garbage bins in Winnipeg? Call Mr. Garbage. We’ve got the permits you need to place bins on the street, so you can forget about those additional fees. Along with bin rentals, we provide junk removal and construction cleanup.

The size and depth of our dumpsters makes waste management a breeze. You can select the bin that’s right for your project. Bin rentals last for 7 days, but you can pay a low fee of $10 per day if you require the bin for longer.

We also provide Junk Removal in Winnipeg.

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