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When it comes to removing old water tanks, you might not know where to begin. They’re incredibly heavy. They’re hard to move. And how do you even remove them from their stands? Getting rid of a water tank is not an easy problem to solve.

Or is it?

Call Mr. Garbage. We take all of the guesswork – and the grunt work – out of water tank removal. We’ll do everything, from detaching and removing the water tank to disposing of it. We can even do water tank demolition! The only finger you have to lift is the one you use to call our phone number.


The process

We offer two methods of water tank removal: self-serve, and full-service.

Self-service is simple. We drop off a rental bin, and you throw the water tank – and any other junk you might have lying around – into the rental bin. We pick it up, then dispose of everything. This option is simple and effective if you have the tools and strength to lift the water tank yourself, but don’t have a vehicle to transport it with.

With our full-service option, we take care of absolutely everything for you. The only thing we ask that you do is empty the water tank before we pick it up. We’ll offer you a free, no obligation quote, too, so you know exactly how much you’re going to pay before we get started. All of our work is done for an affordable, flat fee. 

Simply give us the time and date you want us to show up, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even call you before we arrive so you’ll know we’re on the way. While we’re there, we can help you dispose of any other junk you might have, too.


The types of water tanks we remove

We can remove all sorts of water tanks, including:

  • Water tanks
  • Hot water tanks
  • Water heaters

Don’t see the water tank you want removed on the list? Give us a call! There’s a good chance we can take care of it for you. We can also handle waterlogged water heaters.


Environmentally friendly water tank removal

Old water heaters can be full of valuable metals that would go to waste in the dump. We make sure to recycle those scrap metals, and we divert as much material away from the dump as we can.

So don’t let your old water heater hit the dump – give us a call!


Why choose us?

When you’re looking for fast, efficient removal of your old water heaters or water tank, Mr. Garbage is the name.

We’re owned and operated right here in Winnipeg. That means you’re not working with a multinational – you’re working with your neighbours. Your business is valuable to us, and we grow by word of mouth. That means we want all of our customers to be clients for life.

There’s only one way to reach that goal – by providing incredible customer service every single time. When we say you won’t have to lift a finger, we mean it – we’ll take care of any disassembly or demolition required, remove the heater, and dispose of it for you. We’ll do it all quickly – we’ve done this before – so even though you’ll book us for 2 hours, we may be done with the job before that time is up. So get rid of that old water heater today. Call Mr. Garbage – we take care of all Winnipeg junk removal.


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