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Ultimate Guide To Junk Removal

Is it time to take control of the clutter in your life?

If so, that’s probably what brought you to this article. You might be neck-deep in junk and wondering how to get your life organized and free of garbage. We’ve all been in this position before. The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to get started.

Imagine a home or office where every belonging is in its rightful place. You’ll never spend time searching for items, tripping over clutter, or feeling overwhelmed at the piles of trash again. All it takes to get a handle on things is some help from your local junk removal company.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide about junk removal. In it, all your questions will be answered; we’re going to cover the history of this service, how it impacts our planet, what you can do to reduce junk, and more. 

Let’s get started:


How did junk removal begin?

Can you imagine a time before trash disposal services?

Before this service was available to the public, things weren’t pretty. Picture streets full of garbage and backyards teeming with junk. You can only imagine the offensive smell that arose from streets piled with old junk!

Once the industrial revolution became a widespread phenomenon in the 1800s, the production of materials increased around the world. This resulted in widespread waste issues—suddenly, we had a lot more garbage, but no system in place to manage it. On top of that, populations were growing at a faster rate than ever. Since this was a new phenomenon, there were no regulations about how a citizen should get rid of their junk. Cities were full of garbage and people were unhappy. Public health became a concerning issue as conditions were increasingly unsanitary. Rodents were plentiful since they had ample trash to feast on, and with them came diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonella. Over time, higher standards for junk removal were developed in response to those problems. 

These days, garbage collection is a regulated and mandated practice. Every week, trash is picked up from blue and black bins on residential streets. We have recycling plants where materials are processed and reused, as well as landfills where waste is disposed of. Many people have even started composting, which uses organic food waste and turns it into fertilizer. There are also stricter penalties for failing to dispose of waste properly—homeowners face fines if they allow junk to accumulate outside their properties. 

Businesses, like Mr. Garbage, saw that homeowners and commercial property owners needed a helping hand in getting rid of their junk. As such, the company was founded based on a commitment to provide a much-needed service and dispose of waste materials responsibly. We’ve been helping Winnipeg and surrounding areas get rid of junk since 2002!


What are the advantages of junk removal?

You might be considering a junk removal service, but you’re still on the fence. How does this service work, and how can it help you? If you have these questions, here are a few benefits that you might not know about:

  • It frees up space:

    You only notice how much stuff you really have when it’s time to move, reorganize, or make room for new things. Once you take a look at all the belongings in your home, you realize that not all of them need to be there. Think about how relieving it will be once your space isn’t cluttered by unwanted materials. You’ll be able to rearrange and organize your home or workplace in a highly efficient way.

  • This service helps you get the job done:

    A junk removal company helps you carry out the decluttering process. You can round up everything you no longer need, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team will load it in a dumpster, haul it away in our truck, and sort through it so that everything is disposed of properly. This is useful for those who want to cut down on their belongings, construction workers who have a lot of debris, and property managers who need to clean a residence for the next tenant.

  • You won’t break your back by doing it yourself:

    Not everyone is cut out for heavy lifting. That futon in the basement might be an eyesore, but that doesn’t mean you should be the one to haul it up the stairs. 


If you’re debating whether to move the materials yourself or hire a service, this might be the single biggest reason why you should do the latter. Rather than taking this task upon yourself, you can hire a few professionals to do the work for you. It’s worth the cost just to protect your body from any unnecessary strain!

Many homeowners love DIY projects, but when it comes to junk removal, consider hiring a company to do the hauling away instead. You’ll save energy, time, and the environment. 


  • It can reduce your stress levels:

    Most of us have no shortage of stress in our lives. We look for any way that we can live a more peaceful life. Why not start with the spaces that we live and work in? 


You might be surprised at how often you notice clutter in your everyday life. Those nagging thoughts contribute to an overall feeling of stress. It feels as though there’s always something else that we need to do. But if you send that clutter away on a junk removal truck, that added stress will disappear along with it.


  • You can spend your time on other tasks:

    Your time is valuable. Spending your days hauling junk away eats up time that could be spent working, practicing self-care, or simply being with your family. 


Once you’ve rounded up all the materials you want to dispose of, you then have to sort them by what’s recyclable and what’s not. That is, unless you hire a junk removal service. They’ll take care of segregating your waste; simply schedule a pickup time and leave the junk to the professionals at Mr. Garbage! Forget about driving back and forth from drop off sites all day and simply call a service to do the work instead.


  • It’s an environmentally conscious choice!

    You might not know it, but junk removal companies are highly aware of their impact on the environment. One of the main philosophies at Mr. Garbage is to dispose of junk in the most eco-friendly ways possible. 


But does junk removal actually help the environment? We’ll get into that next:

How does junk removal benefit the environment?

Junk removal companies, like Mr. Garbage, understand their responsibility to reduce landfill contributions. It’s one of our top priorities to drop off any materials that we can at recycling facilities.  When you schedule our services, you can take comfort knowing that your items won’t just be dumped at the nearest landfill. 

  • More material is recycled:

    If you’re hauling junk away on your own, you might be tempted to drop it off in one place for convenience’s sake. Who has the time to sort through each item and determine what’s recyclable and what isn’t? You need the team at Mr. Garbage to look after this for you. The result will be junk that’s sorted optimally; less material will go to waste, and more will be made into new products. We take the time to sort every bin or load that we receive.


  • Less garbage goes to the landfill:

    Even though a majority of our garbage goes to landfills and dumping grounds, that doesn’t mean these are safe sites for waste. In fact, the opposite is true. That’s why Mr. Garbage is diligent about sorting through junk and removing any reusable materials. And if you want to know how landfills impact our environment, keep reading:


Why should you reduce your landfill contributions?

When we put items in the trash bin, we close the lid and forget about it. Anyone can see the advantages that the idea of a landfill has to offer—a place where you can store your trash and never see it again? Sounds great! 

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple for our planet. Landfills pose serious health risks for the areas they’re located in and the communities that surround them. Not only that, but they’re running out of space. This is especially concerning because many materials in landfills will never break down, like one-use plastics. Landfills are a temporary fix for our mass production problem and they’re starting to outlive their usefulness. 

  • What health problems are caused by landfills?

    If you’ve ever driven by a landfill, you’re familiar with the odorous smells that they produce; they smell like a mix of rotten eggs and spoiled milk. That’s due to the gases that are released, like ammonia, sulfides, and methane. When rainwater mixes with the chemicals in landfills, it seeps into the ground and poisons the soil. If that water travels into nearby rivers and lakes, the pollution spreads further.


Studies show that populations that live near landfills experience adverse health effects like headaches, respiratory issues, and psychological conditions. By adding trash to landfills that could have been recycled, we are directly contributing to these issues.


Landfills also cause problems for wildlife that live in the area. As these dumping sites continue to grow, they reduce the habitats of animals and eliminate natural vegetation. 

When dumping grounds were first created, they were places for people to put their garbage without thinking twice about it. These days, landfills are built with systems that aim to prevent gas from polluting the air, and chemicals contaminating the soil or nearby waterways. We also have clearer guidelines on what can go in a landfill, and what can’t. However, no system can solve the greatest problem that landfills pose: we’re running out of space for them. 

Canadians produce the most garbage per capita than any other country on earth. That adds up to 31 million tonnes of junk a year, only 30% of which is recycled. For a nation that prides itself on its beautiful mountains and rolling prairies, most of us aren’t doing our part to protect these spaces. There’s only so much room on our planet for our growing piles of garbage.


For the health of our environment and all the life that it supports, we need to do our part in disposing of waste properly. By hiring a junk removal service, you’ll know that those materials will be sorted and sent to the appropriate place. Cut down on your contributions to landfills and hire Mr. Garbage to take care of waste for you.

There are other ways to dispose of garbage than creating more landfills. It isn’t all doom and gloom for our junk sites. Just look at Winnipeg’s infamous Garbage Hill, which was built on top of a garbage dump, and is now a popular site for tobogganing in the winter!

But the trash we throw away doesn’t always stay in the dumping grounds. It can spread to our water systems and cause further problems.


Why is there so much trash in the ocean?

Today, over 7.5 billion people are living on our planet. After hundreds of years, a lot of junk starts to pile up. This is, in part, due to the popular usage of materials that do not decompose, like plastic, glass, and Styrofoam. When we add these items to landfills, they remain there for hundreds of years.

The same goes for garbage that ends up in the ocean. It gets tangled in other plastic trash and creates a mass of toxic waste. Not only does this threaten the health of our water, but it puts wildlife in danger. Animals and sea creatures mistake bright plastics for food; when they eat it, it builds up in their stomachs, and eventually causes death.

What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Canadians don’t spend a lot of time in the ocean (unless you live in a coastal province like British Columbia or Prince Edward Island). But it’s important to remember how important the water sources are for the overall health of our planet.

Unfortunately, years of rampant plastic production and unregulated waste disposal have resulted in a big mess. It’s not as easy to remove junk from the ocean as it is our households, office spaces, and businesses. We’re left with what’s known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a collection of waste that threatens marine life. But it isn’t just one collection of garbage—it’s estimated that there are up to five. The total surface area of the GPGP is roughly 1.6 million square kilometres.

While scientists work diligently to find a way to remove these patches, we’re left with a somber reminder of the consequences that improper waste disposal has on our environment. 

We’re at a pivotal moment in time, where our decisions will shape the health of our planet for generations to come. Currently, one of the best solutions we have to our worldwide junk problem is reusing and recycling. It helps us cut down on the production of new materials and get more usage out of the materials we already have. Our global garbage problem can’t be solved by one person alone. Instead, we all need to do our part each day to dispose of trash responsibly. With the help of a junk removal service, you can do just that.


What is recycling?

Instead of adding junk to the landfill, what if we could get more use out of it? That’s the basic principle of recycling. This term describes the processes used to turn one material into another. It helps us cut back on extracting new resources and allows us to get more mileage out of the ones that we already have. 

The items that are accepted by recycling services differ from one area to the next. It’s a good idea to read up on the guidelines so that you don’t put trash in the blue bin. Want to know how to recycle more in your daily life? Each city has different guidelines on which recyclable materials are accepted. Here are a few dos and don’ts to take note of in Winnipeg:

What you can put in the blue bins:

  • Paper products

  • Cardboard

  • Certain plastic containers, such as jugs and tubs; rigid plastics can be recycled, but anything soft belongs in a different designated location.

  • Metal cans and tins

  • Glass jars and bottles

What you can’t put in recycling bins:

  • Dark plastics

    – Since the belts used in Winnipeg’s recycling facilities are a dark colour, they can’t distinguish black plastics from the belt itself. Even though coffee lids and other disposable containers may have recycling symbols on them, they can’t be recycled in our city if they’re black. 

  • Materials with leftover food or liquids

    – make sure to rinse any recyclable food containers before you put them in the blue bin!

  • Plastic bags

  • Aluminum foil

  • Broken light bulbs and drinkware

  • Foam

  • Construction materials

It isn’t easy to remember what you can recycle and what you can’t! When you hire a junk removal service, they’ll look after all the sorting for you. 

  • How does recycling work?

From your blue bins to display shelves, how are recyclable materials turned into new products? It’s a fascinating process that plays an important role in reducing our landfill contributions. It occurs in a series of three steps:

  1. Collection:

    This occurs each week when the city picks up and empties all the blue bins from a street. Junk removal companies also drop off materials at the designated sorting sites.

  2. Manufacturing & Production:

     Before the material is turned into a new product, it needs to be sorted and cleaned. This occurs at your local processing centre. Next, it’s shopped to a manufacturing facility where it can be used to make new items. 

  3. Resale:

     Once all the steps are completed, the new product is ready for store shelves. A few examples of products made from recycling include cat litter, egg cartons, bike parts, and backpacks.


As a consumer, it’s a good idea to support businesses that utilize recycled goods. Look for indications on the packaging that the product was made from completely recycled materials. Here are a few ways that you can recycle more in your daily life:

  • Keep a recycling guide handy. Remembering all the items that can or can’t be put in your blue bin isn’t easy. Try to print out a useful guide that you can reference whenever it’s time to get rid of something.
  • Shop for products/items made from recycled materials. Show companies that green manufacturing is important to you by voting with your dollar. Choosing to support companies that source sustainable materials helps them stay in business over the wasteful ones. The next time you run out of pens or you need a new table, look for products that can be recycled once they’re used up. The cycle of reusing continues, and no excessive waste is produced!
  • Hire a junk removal service. You have a whole pile of trash and you don’t have the time to sort it. If only there was a robot that could do it for you… luckily for you, a junk removal service is pretty close to that. Hiring a company that prioritizes recycling and reusing is a great way to reduce your landfill contributions. Plus, you’ll save on the time spent sorting it yourself.

If we put the time and effort into recycling every day, we can prevent the excess production of waste. It’s easy to remember to recycle common products like newspaper or cardboard boxes, but what about wood, metal, and plastic? Leave the sorting of these various materials to the team at Mr. Garbage, and we’ll make sure that each product ends up in the right place. 


How does a junk removal service work?

You want to clear your space of clutter without breaking your back. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The goal of a junk removal service is to remove all the unwanted materials from your property, save you from the heavy lifting, and dispose of that waste in an environmentally conscious way. These goals are all accomplished by a team that puts your needs first.

Have you ever wondered why they’re called junk removal services instead of garbage or trash removal? The terms have slightly different meanings—and no, we’re not talking about the junk and trash folders you see in your emails! Defining these words will help you understand what a junk removal service does exactly. 

First, let’s explain what garbage is. This term refers to anything that cannot be repurposed. A few examples include soft plastics, disposable diapers, and most takeout containers. These items are easy to throw in the garbage can.

Junk, on the other hand, includes bulky materials that are difficult to haul away on your own, like couches or ovens. They also include items that can be reused in some way. Think glass, metal, and concrete. If you have junk that won’t fit in your trashcan, or that you think can be repurposed somehow, it’s best to call a removal service. But what if you’d rather do things yourself?

  • Renting a dumpster

Have you ever gathered up all the junk at a location, then realized you don’t know where to put it? You’re eager to remove waste material but you don’t want to make 10 trips to different drop off locations.

For these situations, you can rent a dumpster from a junk removal service. We’ll deliver a bin right to your doorstep and pick it up once you’re ready. Visit our website to view the wide range of dimensions that we offer, from 20 to 40-yard dumpsters. And don’t worry about permit fees—we’ve got that covered!

Renting a dumpster saves on the service fees for loading and labour. However, that means you’ll need to do the heavy lifting yourself. To avoid injuring yourself while you work, take note of these tips:

    • Dress appropriately. You’re bound to work up a sweat when you’re lifting heavy objects. Wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe so that you don’t overheat. If you’re working in the dead of a Winnipeg winter, bundle up, but dress in layers so you can cool off if you need to. 


    • Stretch beforehand. Before you go on a run or lift weights, it’s important to warm up your muscles to prevent any injuries. The same goes for when you’re moving heavy furniture or bags of junk! Make sure to stretch your muscles so that your body is prepared to lift.


    • Make sure the item is safe to move. Before you lift an item, make sure it won’t create a hazard. If you’re moving a dresser, be sure to remove every drawer before you haul it to the dumpster—otherwise, they’ll fall right out and could injure you or someone nearby. Also, clear the pathway that you’ll use to haul the item outside. It’s essential that nothing blocks your path, which could cause you to trip!


    • Drink water and eat a hearty meal. Lifting that old TV set is bound to burn some calories. Fuel your body with a nutritious meal before you start loading that dumpster. Make sure to keep a bottle of water handy so that you don’t get dehydrated, especially if you’re working in the sun!


    • Lift with your knees. Proper form can prevent you from injuring yourself. When lifting a heavy item, start by squatting down and placing your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight and begin to slowly lift from your knees, not your back. Make sure that your posture is straight as you rise up. Take slow, small steps. When it’s time to set the item back down again, lower your knees to the ground and place it down. 

Even if you love to do things yourself, you need to be careful not to overexert your body! We’ve all been there: you just want that old, maple, dining set out of your home, but you’re worried you’ll pull a muscle if you lift it on your own. At the end of the day, it might not be worth the risk of hurting yourself. Why not hire a removal service to get rid of those materials for you, and do the heavy lifting at the same time?

How much does junk removal cost? 

It’s rare for junk removal companies to offer a flat rate for their services. Prices will fluctuate based on several factors, which include:

    • How much junk do you need removed?

      The volume of materials that you need to be hauled away will be accounted for in the cost. More junk takes up more space in the company vehicle, which may require them to make multiple trips to and from your property.


For residential cleanups, we offer different prices based on the cubic yards of junk, weight, and the labour involved (for example, the cost is slightly higher to remove a couch that’s inside your home than outside of it).


    • How far is your property from our site?

      The distance that the company needs to travel is another consideration. If you’re far away from a garbage site, there may be an additional cost. Again, multiple trips will have a higher cost.


    • Do you need to rent a dumpster in Winnipeg?

      If you’ve got a large volume of unwanted materials, then a bin rental might be your best option. Depending on the size of the dumpster that you require, prices vary. Once you load it up, we’ll take care of the rest!


If you want to know how much your junk removal job will cost, give us a call! We provide free estimates over the phone and can pick up on the same day.


What items can be taken by a junk removal service?

If you need our services, you probably fall into one of two categories: A homeowner or a business professional. We clear debris from residences (condos, apartments, and houses) and commercial properties (office spaces, construction sites, and stores).

Here are a few examples of items that we take from both:


  • Mattresses

  • Kitchen appliances (fridges, stoves, microwaves)

  • Electronics (televisions, computers, monitors)

  • Remodelling debris

  • Bikes

  • Instruments

Commercial properties:

  • Computer desks

  • Boardroom tables

  • Display shelves

  • Printers

  • Office chairs

  • Paintings

These are just a few examples of the items we’ll take out of your hair. Imagine how relieved you’ll feel when you walk into your home or workspace and don’t have to see anything that doesn’t belong there.

How do junk removal services recycle?

The average homeowner doesn’t know what kinds of junk they can recycle and what they can’t, and that’s why we’re here. At Mr. Garbage, we don’t just haul your junk to the nearest landfill, dump it, and forget about it. We understand the role we play in keeping the environment clean. We’re diligent about recycling any material that we can, including electronics like cell phones and computers. 

After you send your junk away on our trucks and dumpsters, you can trust that we’ll sort each bin and make sure every item is sent to the proper place.

But not everything goes in your dumpster rental bin. The only materials that we can’t dispose of are hazardous and toxic waste.


How do I dispose of hazardous materials?

Not all waste belongs in a recycling bin, dumpster, or landfill.

Certain materials need to be disposed of in a specific way to protect the health and safety of surrounding communities and wildlife. These include:

  • Batteries

  • Toxic, poisonous, or flammable chemicals

  • Cleaning products

  • Paint remover

  • Motor oil products

For a more comprehensive list, visit this page about waste disposal in Winnipeg.

If you’re wondering where to dispose of these materials in Winnipeg, you have a few options. In Winnipeg, there are a few locations where you can drop off hazardous materials. This page gives you more information about what’s accepted at these locations.

When you’re sorting through junk, be sure to set aside any hazardous materials that could be toxic for the planet or those who live on it. We all need to do our part in making sure that waste arrives at its proper destination.


Junk Removal Tips

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of a junk removal service, and you know of the impact that garbage has on the environment, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start organizing. We’ve listed a few tips that can help you begin:

  • For homes:

    Our homes are where we wake up every morning and rest our heads each night. It’s important to organize our living spaces since we rely on them every day! Once junk is out of your life, you’ll notice a difference each day.

Start by choosing which rooms you want to organize. Breaking down a big job into smaller tasks can help you stay focused. Next, start accumulating piles of where to put your extra belongings: one to give to other friends/family members, one to give to a local donation drop off centre, and finally, the junk that your removal service will take care of.


  • For office spaces:

    Your workplace should be a zone of productivity, efficiency, and professionalism. But unnecessary clutter gets in the way of that.

You might worry that by removing junk in the office space, you’ll get rid of something that you might need later on. And because offices are communal spaces, you need to be careful that you don’t get rid of something that an employee owns! 


Start by asking your staff which materials they need to perform their daily tasks. This creates an easy list that helps you separate what’s necessary from what’s simply taking up space. 


Identify the main areas of the office that need cleaning. You should look at common areas like the lobby and storage spaces. Don’t overlook the kitchen! It might be time to get rid of that old toaster oven that doesn’t work. When employees notice the clutter disappearing from the office, they might feel inspired to start cleaning their own desks.


Studies show that a clean office can improve productivity. When there’s less clutter to distract your employees, they’ll have an easier time focusing on their work. Better yet, no one will need to waste time searching for an important file or tool if everything is in its proper place. 


  • For commercial properties:

    Got a tenant who left a mess behind? You’re running around the suite and trying to clean things up before the next tenant arrives. Don’t worry—this is a common situation for landlords that Mr. Garbage will be happy to help with. Whether you own a house or industrial space, we’ll be happy to help you prepare it for the next tenant. 


We can also help you remove any clutter from your space so that it’s in top condition to show prospective renters. From computer desks to display shelves, we can haul all the junk from your space and transform it in no time. Your next tenant will have an easier time envisioning themselves in your space when there’s no junk in the way!


How do I choose the right junk removal company?

When you’re hiring any service, it’s tough to know where to spend your hard-earned money. You don’t want to pay a company that will take advantage of you by underperforming, overcharging, and making you regret your decision!

Here are a few things to look for and questions you can ask to narrow your search:

  • What are other customers saying online?

    Check out a company’s Google reviews before you decide to contact them. Testimonials from previous customers might persuade you to pick up the phone and call them or start searching for another option!

  • Do your friends/family members have any recommendations?

    It’s always good to ask people you know about their personal experiences with different companies. You can trust that these reviews are real, whereas you can never be totally sure with online ratings. If someone you know has used a local service before, you’ll know who to call.

  • Does the company recycle materials?

    One of a junk removal service’s most important jobs is to dispose of waste responsibly. If that isn’t a priority for the company you’re looking at, you might want to consider another option.

  • Are the workers insured?

    When heavy lifting is involved, accidents can happen. If any injuries happen on the job, you want to trust that things will be looked after and paid for.

  • How long will the job take?

    It’s worth asking the company for a time estimate, especially if you need the junk removed before a certain date. A company that can’t get to your property for a week won’t be helpful if your next tenant arrives tomorrow!

Questions like these can help you find the best junk removal company for your job. When you do your research, the results will be better for it!


What Junk Removal Services Does Mr. Garbage Offer?

Mr. Garbage offers a range of Winnipeg junk removal services. They include:

  • Bed bug furniture removal:

    Bed bugs are a common problem in Winnipeg, but it’s one that we’re equipped to deal with. If you have furniture that is infested with bed bugs, give us a call. We can remove it from your home in a safe way so that the bed bugs don’t spread outside of your property.


  • Job site cleanup:

     When it comes time to move your business, you can’t leave a mess behind. We’ll look after the junk so that you can focus on more important things. Our services are reliable and efficient, so you’ll be ready to move in no time.


  • Renovation and remodeling junk removal:

    Giving your home a makeover results in quite a mess. Your home or commercial space needs to get a lot uglier before it’s beautiful again. If you’ve got a pile of construction debris on your property, give us a call! We’ll haul it away so that your newly renovated place can truly shine.

Junk removal companies have a few main goals. One is to make the removal process as painless as possible for you. We look after the heavy lifting as well as dropping off your junk at the appropriate locations. 

Next is separating trash from recycling. We aren’t the kind of company that drops your materials at a landfill without a second thought. Instead, we’re conscious of how trash impacts our environment; we do our best to separate any recyclable goods from trash, then send them to the right sorting facility. 

Finally, we want to give customers an affordable service. Our rates are competitive with other local businesses, and we cover the permit fee for bin rentals.

For all your junk removal needs in Winnipeg, call Mr. Garbage! We’re happy to help you haul away waste to get your life back in order. That’s why we’re available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! When you work with our company, you can trust that we’ll put the environment first. We do our best to reduce landfill contributions by putting all reusable materials in recycling bins. Let us sort your waste so we can make the planet a greener place!


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