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Summer Demolition Projects


In Winnipeg, renovating your home or business in the winter is generally inconvenient. You don’t feel up to going outside when it’s -40°C; in fact, it’s dangerous! Even when it’s only -20, outdoor renovation isn’t at the top of anyone’s list. Most people wait until the summer months before starting any home or business improvement projects. 

From June to August, it’s construction season in Winnipeg. Roads are closed, sidewalks are barricaded, and there are cranes as tall as the eye can see. Thinking of planning a demolition project this summer? Here’s what you need to know:


Is Summer The Best Time For Demolition?

Given the extreme climate in Winnipeg, some demolition projects cannot be done in the winter. You’ll need to wait until summer rolls around to call a demolition contractor.

There’s no flat price for demolition jobs. Contractors give quotes based on the unique demands of your project; they’ll consider factors like the time it will take, the labour that’s required, and the working conditions in the area.

Arranging these services in the winter may incur additional fees. It’s difficult to work on a building when there are heaps of ice and snow in the way. Powerful winds can make certain jobs dangerous for contractors.

This is not a concern with interior demolition projects, where temperatures and conditions are more easily controlled. However, if you’re thinking about scheduling exterior demolition services, it might be best to wait until the snow melts. Doing so could save you a buck and help you avoid delays from extreme snowstorms or winds.


Types Of Summer Demolition Projects

The sun’s out, and you’re itching to get some work done on your home or commercial property. Where should you begin? Here are a few of the most popular demolition projects that we see in the summer:

  • Knocking down a garage or shed
  • Removing a deteriorating fence
  • Demolishing a deck

If you’re planning to renovate the exterior of your property, you may require demolition services first to remove existing structures. Once the old, unstable parts have been removed, you can start planning how to replace them.


Can You Do It Yourself?

The idea of knocking down your old fence in the winter might have made you shudder. Now that it’s warmer outside, you may be wondering if you can complete the demolition project yourself.

In general, we recommend against this practice. A task that might seem small can get out of hand quickly. Even though the summer air gives you extra energy, think twice before you consider a DIY demolition project. Without the proper training and equipment, you could damage your home.


Dealing With Debris

Imagine working with a painting company that left all their brushes and empty buckets behind—you’d be a bit annoyed, to say the least. Some demolition companies don’t provide debris removal once the project is completed. You’ll be left with a yard full of drywall, plywood, and crumbled stucco. It’s not exactly how you want your backyard to look at your next barbeque!

Are you in need of Winnipeg-based junk removal services? We’ve got your back. Our bin rental, construction clean-up, and junk removal services at Mr. Garbage will make your home or business look tidy and well-maintained. Interested in booking our services this summer? Give us a call!

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