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Being surrounded by junk is such a headache. By using our services, you’ll not only clear your space but also clear your mind of that nagging thought: what will I do with all this junk? We’re ready to deliver results to anyone that needs Winnipeg junk removal. Our team is prepared to handle your junk removal needs.

Pick-up and haul:

Need a truck for your junk removal? That’s what we’re here for. We do all the heavy lifting so that you can start setting up your newly-cleaned area. We remove junk like furniture, electronics, mattresses, and doors – you name it, we’ll remove it. After we load your junk onto our truck, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. 

Residential and commercial junk removal:

Businesses go through a lot of materials. Do you have commercial waste that’s taking up space? We’ll clear out any junk in your office, warehouse, industrial store, house, apartment, or condo. Household junk might be adding more stress to your home. Your lawn may be littered with unsightly yard waste. Has a tenant left you with a mess and you need it cleaned before the next one moves in? For an emergency removal like these, we offer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you or a tenant has bed bugs, we’re prepared to remove the belongings safely and efficiently. We’ll always be ready when you’re stuck with junk. To free up space and eliminate junk, contact us today and ask about our junk removal services in Winnipeg.

Recycling & hauling services:

At Mr. Garbage, we have an “earth first” philosophy. Whenever we are removing waste, we do our best to separate all recyclable materials, including wood, electronics, and metal. Part of our service is respecting the environment that we live in. We abide by the recycling guidelines in Winnipeg and do our best to keep recyclable materials out of landfills. All of our employees are committed to practicing environmentally safe ways of removing junk.

Demolition Services:

Dealing with renovation debris and construction waste? We’ll get that rubble out of your way. Say goodbye to all that waste: our team of guys will load it on our truck and haul it away. Whether it’s a job site or office, we can provide demolition services for interior walls, ceilings, flooring, and utilities. We break concrete and demolish structures – small-scale and large-scale demolitions in Winnipeg are not a problem for us. Better yet, we’ll clear out all the waste afterward, too. 

Garbage bin rentals in Winnipeg:

Sometimes, a trash bag just won’t cut it. You need a dumpster to hold all the junk you’re purging from your home or commercial office. To meet the needs of our customers, we offer bins of varying sizes, from 15 yards/14 metres to 40 yards/36 metres, and many in between. Worried about permits? We’ve got you covered. We have the required permits for your bin rental, so you can store it on the street or parking lot without worrying about receiving a fine. If you’ve got waste, Mr. Garbage has your back. 

What spaces can I have junk removed from?

Our services cover so many areas that a better question would be, “Where won’t we remove junk from?” We’ll go over the places that our services apply to:

Renovation Sites:

The waste that accumulates in these areas is intimidating to many. Not to us. We’ve handled many large-scale construction clean-ups, and we’re ready to bring our experience to you. Whatever you need to be hauled away, we’ll take care of it, efficiently and on time. Our bin rentals are perfect for the needs of commercial waste removal. And with these types of jobs, we don’t cut corners – we go through the disposed materials to keep recyclables like metal, electronics, and wood out of landfills.

Commercial Places:

Does your office need a deep clean? Maybe it’s time to haul away outdated belongings like old computers, worn down chairs, wooden pallets and stacks of paperwork. For all types of businesses, we offer affordable junk removal services in Winnipeg, so you can start fresh and design a space that truly fits your needs. 

Industrial Warehouses:

In an industrial warehouse, a big job requires expertise and persistence. We’ll haul out all your unwanted furniture, shelving, and waste in no time. Your shop will look spotless once we’re through with it.

Residential Homes:

We take away junk from all areas of the city and the communities around it. If any of your furniture is infested with bed bugs or pests, we follow a special procedure: first, we wrap the items with plastic to ensure that the bugs do not spread. Then we transport them safely in an enclosed space. If your home or condo has an abundance of unwanted materials, Mr. Garbage pickup is just a phone call away.

If you need junk removal in Winnipeg, call our team at Mr. Garbage; we have over 15 years of experience. Our company offers a wide range of services, and we’re available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Give us a call, and we’ll tell you a quote over the phone – we even offer same-day pick-up! Our prices are flexible and tailored to the exact demands of your job. Any type of junk that you have, we’re prepared to take it away.

We can help, but are not limited to with: 

No task is too big for us; we’ve got plenty of room in our trucks. Our team of guys are committed to removing junk with customizable services for all our customers’ satisfaction. 


Winnipeg gets a bad rap sometimes, but people who live in this vibrant city know better – there’s a lot more to life here than harsh winters. Every year, the streets are alive with festivals like Nuit Blanche, Festival du Voyageur, the Fringe Festival, and Folklorama. This city features tourist attractions like the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Forks, and the lively Exchange District. Our company has been proudly serving Winnipeg since 2002. If you need junk removal in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas, contact Mr. Garbage. We provide our services to neighbourhoods in and around Winnipeg, including Selkirk, Gimli, and Headingley.


Free day in Winnipeg

People in Winnipeg appreciate a bargain. And what’s better than stuff that’s free? Twice a year, Winnipeg hosts a giveaway weekend. If this service sounds helpful to you, you might be wondering how to participate. Simply place your reusable items at the curb, and label them as “free”. Any items that aren’t taken by Sunday should be removed from the curb in the evening. While free day has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, it’s sure to resume in the future, so here are the dos and don’ts:


What to give:

You can put electronics like CDs, DVDs, and computers or gaming consoles out. Books and artwork are fair game, so if you have old collections that you no longer enjoy, consider giving them away. Got some soccer balls kicking around from your glory days in college? Add them to the curb, along with other sports equipment. You can give away clothing, kitchen appliances (dishes, microwaves, pots and pans), and gardening equipment.


What not to give:

A big don’t when it comes to a giveaway are items with bed bugs (furniture, bed sheets, or mattresses). Not everything taking up space can be given away. For some items, you will need junk removal services. In that case, call Mr. Garbage! We’ll get rid of your junk for you.

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