How To Properly Load A Dumpster


When we toss something in the trash, many of us put it in the bin without a second thought. We don’t think about how to stack the item in a way that maximizes storage in the garbage can—there’s usually no need to. 

But things are different when you’re loading a rental dumpster. You need to carefully plan how you’ll arrange each item to make sure all your materials will fit. It’s almost like a Tetris puzzle!

We’ve got a few storage tips to help you stack items efficiently:


Break it down

Any cardboard boxes should be completely flattened, which you can do with the help of a box cutter. If they aren’t, they’ll take up more space in the dumpster. You’re paying for every cubic foot, so be sure to make the most of it! Other materials that you can break down include drywall and concrete.

If you’re getting rid of furniture, try to disassemble it first. Remove dresser drawers, table legs, and other pieces. You’ll find it easier to load and fit objects when they’re broken down.


Don’t Add Prohibited Materials

You can’t put just anything in your dumpster—certain items are off-limits due to the hazards that they pose. Hazardous items do not belong in landfills or recycling facilities. These include aerosol containers, cleaning agents, toxic chemicals, batteries, and more.


Stack Items from Big to Small

Bulky items that take up the most space should go on the bottom of your dumpster. This will make it easier to add smaller items in the spaces between them. With this method, you can minimize the amount of unused space in the dumpster.


Spread out the Items

Placing all the objects on one side of the container could make it unstable; if the items are heavy enough, they could even topple the bin over!

Rather than stacking items in the corner, try to spread them out evenly in one layer. This will make the bin easier and safer to transport.


Store Sharp Items Safely

Shards of glass or other pointy objects may cut your skin as you stack them. We recommend putting sharp objects in a container before you load them to minimize the risk of injuries.


Don’t Overfill it!

Did you know that filling your dumpster efficiently can actually save you time and money? Here’s how:

  • Eliminate the need to rent another dumpster. Wasting space in your dumpster might mean that you’ll need to rent another one just to fit all of your junk. If you need help determining the right size of dumpster for your needs, you can always call us at Mr. Garbage for advice.
  • Avoid additional charges. Overfilled or overweight bills will incur additional fees. Be sure to stack items within the boundaries of the container, or you might need to pay extra.
  • Save on wasted time. If waste material exceeds the sides and top of the dumpster, the rental company may not be able to pick it up. You’ll need to spend additional time rearranging the junk to make it fit.


Planning ahead will make your dumpster rental in Winnipeg go as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking for a bin rental company to help you out with that, call Mr. Garbage! We offer 24/7 recycling and dumpster rental services.

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