How Do I Dispose Of An Old Water Tank?


Some things are easier to throw away than others; perhaps you toss used paper towels and spoiled food in the trash without thinking twice about it. But what about large objects that won’t fit in a regular garbage bin, like a water tank?

On average, a water tank lasts between 8-12 years, depending on how well it’s maintained. If your current water tank or heater is out of order, then you may have rushed out to purchase a new one. You didn’t realize that you also had to decide what to do with the old one.

Follow these steps to efficiently and safely dispose of your water tank:


Disconnect It

Start by switching the tank OFF. Once it’s powered down, you’ll need to disconnect it from its power source.

Depending on the type of water tank you have, it may be powered by gas or electricity. With a gas-powered tank, there should be a shut-off valve located nearby. Twist the knob 90 degrees so that the gas flow is closed. 

To disconnect an electric water tank, you’ll need to find the electrical panel in your home. Then, turn off the switch that powers your water tank. If you’re lucky, the breaker switch will be labelled; if not, you may need to use trial-and-error to find which switch powers the water tank. 

If you aren’t comfortable operating a gas valve or electrical panel, consider calling your local utility company to have a look at it.


Drain It

Naturally, your hot water tank is full of…water. You can’t remove it from your home before draining it of all that liquid; otherwise, it will be much heavier and could spill during transport.

Find the drain valve on the tank, which is usually located near the bottom. Next, attach a hose to it (a standard garden hose will do the trick). Put the hose over a large bucket, which will hold the water. Then, turn the drain valve. Be mindful that the water will be hot, so wear protective clothing. 


Consider Donating It

Maybe your old water heater worked just fine, but it no longer met the demands of your household. With a growing family, you might have run out of hot water more often than not, and you had to upgrade its capacity. 

If the old water tank still works, does it need to be thrown away? You may be able to pass it on to a friend or family member. Consider calling a donation centre near you to ask if they accept water tanks.


Recycle It

Many water tanks are made from metals, including galvanized, carbon, or stainless steel. Putting a water tank in a landfill is a waste of these materials. 

It goes against city regulations to put a water heater or tank in the garbage. Instead, you can recycle the water tank, so that the scrap metal can be reused to make new appliances. 


Call A Junk Removal Company

Moving a water heater on your own is back-breaking work. You risk injuring yourself or damaging your home as you move it outside. 

The good news is that this task doesn’t have to fall to you. Contacting a junk removal company is by far the quickest, easiest, and safest way to dispose of an old water tank.

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