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Winnipeg Garbage And Junk Removal Company Successfully Complete Their Biggest Job Ever

WINNIPEG, Canada – Mr. Garbage, a garbage and junk removal company with an innovative and forward-thinking approach to business and recycling, is delighted to announce that they have recently completed one of their biggest jobs to date. The company, which is based in Winnipeg, Canada, was tasked with the job of removing over 200 wooden storage lockers at a downtown storage facility. 

The job required significant planning and was a logistical challenge, but rather than dump the lockers in landfill sites, the team behind Mr. Garbage decided to utilize the lockers as part of their own heating systems. Due to the fact that they have an outside boiler, the lockers are currently being utilized to help heat the company store, keeping both employees and customers warm. 

This innovative approach of turning junk and waste into energy is one of the unique strategies that sets Mr. Garbage apart from their competition. They are committed to environmental practices and continually focus on recycling and devising out-of-the-box ideas to minimize the amount of junk sent to landfills. 

“As a company, we are always setting ourselves stringent targets for recycling, and trying to find solutions that will help our planet,” said Russell Fitzjohn. “We are determined to lead the industry and set the standard when it comes to environmental junk removal in Winnipeg, and this latest project is an excellent example of the work we are doing. We are determined to become the number one garbage and junk removal company in Canada without compromising our beliefs.” 

Mr. Garbage provides residential, commercial, and industrial dumpster rental in Winnipeg and the surrounding area with a variety of options for junk removal services. They offer a wide range of bin sizes and styles to suit the needs of their customers. They can deal with every type of junk removal including, but not limited to broken furniture, home renovations, construction waste from construction sites, debris in the yard, disposal of unwanted materials, bed bug-infested furniture removal, and many more junk disposal services. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

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