Asbestos Removal in Winnipeg

Save Your Health – Asbestos Removal in Winnipeg

Asbestos is a contentious word. It was used as a form of insulation and building material up to 1980 when it was discontinued due to its toxic properties and hazardous effects. If your home or business was constructed before 1980, it may contain asbestos in the insulation. In that case, you should call the experts at Mr. Garbage for asbestos removal services in Winnipeg and the surrounding communities.

Check before you wreck – if you’re planning a renovation or a demolition of your property, it is best that you ensure there is no asbestos insulation hiding in the walls. Mr. Garbage will inspect the property for asbestos and remove it if necessary.

Harmful Effects

The harmful effects of asbestos are generally long term and won’t be noticed for years. They include:

  • Asbestosis – progressive fibrosis of the lungs
  • Pleural plaques – fibrous or calcified area in the lungs
  • Diffuse pleural thickening – a more severe stage of pleural plaques
  • Pneumothorax – often referred to as a collapsed lung
  • Malignant mesothelioma – aggressive and incurable tumour
  • Lung cancer

If you suspect asbestos was used in the construction of your building, call a professional right away. Contact us for a quot.e